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Building a tangible future
for digital creators

In the face of a changing creative landscape,
we fight for the artists.

Own your art, forever.

lootgod works with artists in every medium to define their IP standards on the blockchain.

Invest in true utility

lootgod builds a backbone for crypto based on utilities that sustain society. Energy, land, water and food.

Having fun with it

lootgod believes the point of living is to have fun; to fully enjoy what our senses have to offer us.

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Everyone has that ONE shirt idea they never drew up. Now they can, and it's easier than ever.

  • Free forever
  • Own your loot forever
  • Prepared images for print
  • Make a lifestyle brand in minutes
  • You are the taste-maker
  • Make money from your art, forever
  • Automatic E-Commerce Setup.

    Lootgod makes it easier than ever to build an e-commerce store for your brand or business. When you design loot, you can add it to your store easily then people can buy your products immediately.

  • Print on Demand Fulfillment
  • Locally sourced manufacturing
  • Highest quality products
  • Zero Inventory Risk
  • Bulk Options Available
  • The simplest e-commerce ever.
  • An entire store, ready to go.

    Launch A Gift Shop

    Let your audience build wonders with you.

    Build A Custom Model

    Custom Trained Generative AI Models

    Lootgod makes it easier than ever to build a custom trained AI model that you (and others) can use to generate unique art that extends the art of a Lootgod store and allows users to create their own globally unique products.

  • Generate on-brand images
  • Hosted as a part of your store
  • Set generation cost (coming soon)
  • Private models available
  • Pricing

    Getting the most from your e-commerce performance. We are here for you.


    Perfect for starting out.


  • 1 Store
  • 20 Products
  • 70% Profit Share
  • No Rendering Credits
  • Partner Artisan

    For a serious artist or business.


  • All in Starter plan
  • Art Uploads
  • 100 Free Rendering Credits per Month
  • 80% Profit Share
  • Private Discord support
  • Enterprise 1701-D

    Ideal for masters of the arts


  • All features
  • Unlimited Stores/Products
  • Unlimited Rendering Credits
  • Custom Profit Split
  • Dedicated support

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