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Image Generation

You can genrate images by spending coin and submitting a prompt into our Create form, or in one of our creator forms.

Yes. This is natural. We do not allow certain subjects to be rendered, and if the request fails and takes your coin, the lootgod has deemed your prompt unworthy.

No, users cannot customize the generated images. They can request variations by re-submitting the form.

Loot Profiles

Yes, users can edit their name, handle, description, and profile image in their portfolio view using the Edit Profile form.

Following, messaging, and other social features are not currently available, but they are planned for future updates.

Loot Forge

You can genrate loot by spending coin and submitting a prompt into our Create form, or in one of our creator forms.

lootgod offers a curated set of apparel. Users can visit 'https://lootgod.com/categories' for a full list.

Profits are split 50/50 between the platform and the artist. Artists can increase their profit share by becoming Partners.

We partner with fulfillment suppliers that have proven reputations and distributed factories.

Shipping & Returns

We do not offer returns on any products fulfilled.

Account & Billing

Once you have set up your store and are making sales, we will keep a balance for you to withdraw from once you set up your Stripe Connect account.

Nope! You can sign up with an email and begin selling globally unique loot today! All it takes is a few words ;)

We offer many ways to increase the percentage of the profits that your store takes from the sales generated.

Yes you can upgrade plans at any time to unlock greater powers. If you want to downgrade, see the next question.

If you want to downgrade your plan, simply select the Downgrade option in your account settings. This will activate on the next billing cycle.

No. But if you would like we can take your money and plant a tree with it.

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